1. Complete the three essays listed below.
  2. Save the essays together, in order, in a single file.
  3. Upload your essay package into the area for Writing Sample on the MU Graduate School Application Form.
  • Essay 1: In a typed essay (500 words maximum), tell us about yourself, particularly your non-school experiences such as work, volunteer efforts, travel and professional endeavors.
  • Essay 2: In a second typed essay (500 words maximum) explain:
    • your interest in a graduate journalism degree;
    • why you think Missouri’s program best suits your needs; and
    • your professional goals.
  • Essay 3: Advanced study and practice within the fields of Journalism and Advertising rely on the skills involved in gathering and interpreting information as well as the ability to identify important issues and ask good questions. Please:
    • select one of the general topics provided;
    • formulate a question from that topic;
    • explain how you would research the question you pose or you may answer it;
    • frame your question/response within the context of the aspect of journalism you’re intending to study; and
    • limit your question and response to 500 words.


  • Journalism and the Public Good
  • Journalism in a Democratic Society
  • Cultural Issues and Diversity
  • Technology and Ethics
  • Responsibility and Freedom of Speech
  • Use of Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Media to Deliver Campaign Messages
  • Convergence of Advertising and Public Relations in Executing Strategic Communication Campaigns
  • Culturally-Based Campaign Message Effects