Faculty and students in this area study such topics as persuasion ethics, journalists’ ability to fulfill their normative functions in times of economic and technological change, the historical evolution of American broadcasting policy, comparative legal analysis and censorship.

You will join a team of scholars that blends traditional social scientific methods – qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods – with historical, legal and philosophical methods. This pluralistic approach to research excellence means you develop research that is of theoretical and practical interest. You graduate with a robust understanding of the normative and legal framework in which journalism and strategic communication operate.

The Missouri School of Journalism has a longstanding reputation as a leader in media ethics, law and policy research. You will work closely with highly productive scholars who have published and edited books and authored articles in top-tier journals. Together, you will build your research skills that can lead to co- and single-authored papers as a doctoral student.


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You are welcome to explore your research interests with doctoral faculty who specialize in this area.