Journalism studies offers a comprehensive exploration of the content of journalism and the broader social, political, and economic influences of and on journalism. Our faculty members focus on the sociology of news, including research questions related to power, autonomy, identity, social change, and the role of journalism in public life — with a wide range of methodological and theoretical approaches. Graduate students are not only encouraged to collaborate on cutting-edge projects with faculty but also are empowered to pursue their own research agendas.

Our research areas encompass a wide range of critical topics, including: 

  • Investigating the history and evolving landscape of journalism organizations, ranging from century-old publications to TV news outlets to digital-only start-ups, with a specific focus on local news.
  • Exploring the various stakeholders involved in journalism, spanning from news producers to news consumers.
  • Examining the economics of journalism, encompassing overarching industry trends as well as audience members’ individual choices.
  • Analyzing the discourse surrounding journalism and its societal influence.
  • Exploring the role of technologies in shaping journalism and its implications for news production, distribution and consumption. 


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