A journalism minor provides you with the essential knowledge to get ahead of the pack no matter what your major. Whether you are a business, political science or psychology major, you have a story to share. If you are planning to apply to graduate school or law school, a journalism minor will help set you apart from other applicants.

Students pursuing a journalism minor learn how to:

  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Use photographs and video to enhance your information
  • Reach a target audience through social media

Additional benefits:

  • Enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Improve your critical thinking
  • Develop research skills
  • Elevate your ability to evaluate sources of news and information

Required Classes

The School of Journalism minor consists of 15 credit hours of journalism coursework. Students declaring this minor are required to take one of the two foundational theory classes.

Journalism 1000: Journalism for Non-Majors (3)

This class teaches you how to decide what information sources to trust and the important relationship between consumers, advertisers and media outlets. This course may fulfill the humanities requirement within your declared major.

Journalism 1100: Principles of Journalism in Democracy (3)

The class provides foundational knowledge for students with an interest in pursuing journalism as a major. The course helps students understand the rights embedded in the 1st Amendment, as well as problems and issues facing journalists and society. This course may fulfill the humanities of social science requirement within your declared major.

Students select an additional 12 credit hours to enhance learning in skills, theory and leadership.


  • JOURN 1050: Public Relations and Image Management for Non-Majors (3)
  • JOURN 1200: Fundamentals of Visual Journalism and Strategic Communication (3)
  • JOURN 1300: Fundamentals of Written Journalism and Strategic Communication (3)
  • JOURN 1400: Applied Projects for Journalism and Strategic Communication (3)
  • JOURN 2200: Audiences and Persuasion (2)
  • JOURN 4160: Social Media Foundations and Practice (1)


  • JOURN 2000: Cross-Cultural Journalism (3)
  • JOURN 3000: History of American Journalism (3)
  • JOURN 4000: Communications Law (3)


  • JOURN 4146: Leading with Purpose (1)
  • JOURN 4242W: Strategic Communication Leadership (3)
  • JOURN 4244W: Organizational Culture & Leadership (3)
  • JOURN 4246W: Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation (3)