Today’s media often provides the public with an unrestricted view of legal proceedings. Beyond everyday news, consider scandals involving celebrities, corporate executives and sports figures, or high-profile government proceedings, or complex business mergers and acquisitions. The use of anonymous sources, access to information, copyrights and trademarks, First Amendment rights, libel, privacy and similar concerns must often be considered in covering these stories. Journalists are called upon to explain the legal issues to readers, viewers and listeners. Lawyers debate their cases in courtrooms and in the court of public opinion.

The graduate journalism-law option available at the University of Missouri will prepare you for specialty careers in media and law. Missouri School of Journalism alumni are considered among the world’s leading reporters and editors, and the National Freedom of Information Coalition is headquartered at the school. Graduates of the MU School of Law serve as judges at all levels, and the Center for Dispute Resolution is considered the nation’s best.

The following program can be tailored to fit your personal career goals. Please let us know how we can help you.

Journalism MA and Law JD

This integrated program allows students to earn both a master of arts in journalism and a juris doctorate in law.