We live in an era of large-scale science-related challenges and rapid advancements in groundbreaking science with major societal implications. Even as we continue to grapple with challenges such as climate change and public health crisis, new scientific developments and technologies are reshaping our society, including CRISPR and gene editing.

Effective communication is critical to the future of science, and to ensuring informed decision-making or policy choices about scientific issues. Any communication about science must be informed by research.

In this program, you can contribute to the growing field of science communication by exploring research related to:

  • Public understanding and knowledge about science and technology, including scientific misinformation
  • Public attitudes about science and science-related issues
  • The democratization and evolution of science and the scientific process
  • How media, public, scientists, and other stakeholders communicate about science
  • Developing and evaluating science communication efforts and messages


Call 573-882-4852 or email us at JourGraduateStudies@missouri.edu.

You are welcome to explore your research interests with doctoral faculty who specialize in this area.