Most master’s students find that one of the curricular models – two-year or five-year BJ/MA, depending on your program – meets their needs. These models were developed by the faculty with thoughtful consideration of curricular effectiveness and industry requirements. The course selections outlined in the models will prepare students for careers in the areas designated. Alterations to the model you are following must be done in consultation with your faculty adviser.

Although 37 credits are required for graduation, some of the models suggest additional credits. These are not requirements, but suggestions.

Individually-Structured Model

While most students will find that the available curricular models meet their needs, some may wish to structure an independent model. Such a model takes into account the student’s prior education and experience, as well as their unique professional goals.

To structure an individual program, the student must meet with an adviser to map out the specialized program. An individually-structured program must include at least 37 graduate hours, at least half of which must be at the 8000 level. The proposed model must be approved by the associate dean in order to be valid.

Two-Year MA Models

Students in the two-year program can select from more than 20 two-year models.

Five-Year BJ/MA Models

The five-year BJ/MA curricular options are intended to build on the solid foundation students developed in their undergraduate studies at the school.

Journalism-Law Programs

Today’s media often provides the public with an unrestricted view of legal proceedings. The graduate journalism-law options available will prepare you for specialty careers in media and law.

Minors and Certificates

Graduate students may pursue a number of graduate minors and graduate certificates at the University of Missouri.