Faculty and students in this area examine sociological concerns, such as power, socialization, labor, autonomy, ideology, identity, the dynamics of social control and social change, as well as the role of democracy in public life. They observe how these work in relation to journalism’s actors, organizations, institutions, processes and routines.

You will join a team of scholars whose cutting-edge research has been published in top-tier journals. Their work spans a wide range of issues, including antecedents to journalistic behaviors, the processes of news making, the impact of economics and technology on news work, fluctuating definitions of journalism, and the cultural construction of journalism within and across national contexts. They take a pluralistic approach to scholarship, embracing paradigmatic and methodological diversity.

You will have opportunities to build your research skills that can lead to co- and single-authored papers as a doctoral student, as well as gain teaching, research, publication, conference and other professional development experiences.

Let us know if you’d like to discuss how you could become a part of the next generation of thoughtful, innovative and engaged Media Sociology scholars.


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You are welcome to explore your research interests with doctoral faculty who specialize in this area.