Patrick Rollens

Community Producer at

Patrick Rollens, BJ '04

Degree(s): BJ '04

Whereabouts: United States, Chicago, Illinois

What do you do?
I’m a community producer for, the Chicago Tribune’s hyperlocal news site. I manage six suburban towns, helping publish stories from Tribune staffers and recruit citizen contributors who are interested in sharing news from their towns. Social media is a big part of my week, as is aggregating stories from around the Web onto sites. I write stories and take photos when my weekly responsibilities allow.

How did you get your job?
I heard about the job on MizzouMafia, applied and stayed persistent for a couple of months, then got the gig.

What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School?
Professors would say that you will learn more your first year on the job than in your entire J-School education. So true.

What advice do you have for current students?
It takes a few years to develop an accurate picture of your self-worth to an organization. Don’t aim too high too early, or you will make yourself miserable. After you have a good idea of your value to your company, stick to your guns when it comes to new assignments and promotions.

Updated: November 10, 2011