Edwin White, BJ ’39

Edwin White, BJ ’39, Saigon bureau chief for The Associated Press during the Vietnam War, died in Honolulu on Nov. 1. His obituary notes: Born in Tipton, Mo., on Aug. 29, 1922, White was a reporter’s reporter – skeptical, careful, a stickler for accuracy, with an acerbic wit and a no-frills writing style that stressed facts over drama. In a 1997 oral history interview for AP, White said his love of journalism began in boyhood, when he “got kind of interested” in how Tipton’s weekly paper was printed. “If you learn the facts, report them accurately and get people to put it in the newspapers, or television or radio, that’s the mission,” he said in the oral history interview. “The means of doing it may have changed, but not the basic principle.”

Updated: November 2, 2012