Eric Odendahl, PhD ’66

The Peeping Tom Murders of Cobre by Eric Odendahl, PhD '66

Eric Odendahl, PhD ’66, is the author of “The Peeping Tom Murders of Cobre,” published on Kindle. The description reads: “As inquisitive as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Skinny Maxwell and his friend, Bennie Jack Hawkins, peep at a naked woman in a dilapidated trailer just as her husband arrives and shoots her, only to discover there are witnesses. It is 1947 in a copper mining town of southwestern New Mexico, where residents gossip over a visit by British royalty and take sides over Jackie Robinson’s challenge of racial inequality in baseball. Skinny must run for his life, hiding in a rattlesnake-infested cave the teens believe was Apache chief Geronimo’s. State Patrolman Elmer Thornton pursues the stalking killer, hoping Skinny won’t become the next victim.”

Updated: September 10, 2013