Rikki Byrd, BJ ’13

Rikki Byrd, BJ ’13, celebrated the release of the sixth issue of s c u l p t Magazine on Jan. 30 during a launch party in Columbia. It was created in 2010 as an online publication as a way to give emerging artists of all genres a platform to promote their crafts. The new issue includes a cover story of Jansport J, a music producer in Covina, Calif., who has worked with Snoop Dogg and the likes, as well as Andrea Lewis, who played Hazel in the teen-coveted television show Degrassi. It also features an article on a filmmaker from St. Louis and a spread featuring designs by St. Louis fashion designer Michael Shead’s spring/summer 2014 collection. s c u l p t Magazine is published 2-3 times a year.

Updated: August 1, 2019