Lingshu Hu

LINGSHU HU is a Ph.D. candidate at the Missouri School of Journalism. His research focuses on computational methods, digital media, media analytics, and media psychology. He applies various computational methods, such as machine learning and deep learning, to analyze opinion expression patterns and self-presentation on computer-mediated environments. He also conducts experiments and surveys to further … Continued

Joseph P. Jones

Taking the historical long view and using a variety of critical/cultural approaches, Joe investigates media and the creation of meaning in everyday life. Examining consumer culture, lifestyle journalism, and popular forms of entertainment, he is primarily concerned with the entanglements of pleasure and power in constituting worldviews, identities, and ethical scripts. These have material consequences, … Continued

Liz Bent

Liz Bent is a doctoral candidate whose research and teaching programs target the common goal of improving critical media literacy. She targets the way citizens use news in their daily and political lives – particularly in digital environments. She approaches the development of critical media literacy skills through sociological lenses as a multi-avenue discursive construction … Continued

Sisi Hu

SISI HU‘s research focuses on the health and science communication, strategic message testing and the psychological motivations behind the communication behavior. She is particularly interested in the science storytelling in social media and the comments’ impact on the users. Her current research examines the function of pertinacious image in crisis communication. Publications Pritchard, A.D., Fudge, … Continued

Ciera Dockter

CIERA DOCKTER (Kirkpatrick) is a Ph.D. candidate and teaching fellow in strategic communication at the Missouri School of Journalism, specializing in health communication, message processing, and media effects. Ciera’s research entails a social scientific, experimental approach to investigate cognitive and emotional processing of mediated health messages and the effect that message processing has on outcomes … Continued

Namyeon Lee

Namyeon Lee is a doctoral candidate at the Missouri School of Journalism. Her research interest is development and evaluation of effective mediated messages, with attention paid to topics related to science, health, agriculture, and risk. Specifically, Namyeon examines how different message features influence audience’s cognitive and behavioral responses, and how the impact of those features … Continued