Mengyao (Michelle) Xu

MENGYAO XU is a first-year doctoral student at the Missouri School of Journalism with a concentration in strategic communication. Her research focuses on conflict management within the theoretical framework of moral foundation theory, especially as it relates to governmental organizations and international corporations’ public reputations. After working as a production director/producer in the event and … Continued

Diamond Stacker

Diamond Stacker is a doctoral student studying media sociology at the Missouri School of Journalism. Stacker’s research interests include sports and entertainment, advertising, race, critical/cultural studies and audience research. She studies how black audiences interpret and interact with media constructions of blackness in popular culture (i.e. sports advertising). Before starting the Ph.D. program, she worked … Continued

Yoorim Hong

Yoorim’s research interests lie in the area of strategic communication with a focus on public relations, crisis and risk communication, and social media. She received both her B.A. and M.A. in journalism and mass communication from Korea University. Yoorim also worked on staff for the technology planning team at KEPCO E&C, a nuclear and thermal … Continued

Evgeniia Belobrovkina

Evgeniia Belobrovkina is a doctoral student and graduate research assistant at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She received her Bachelor’s degree in journalism at Russian State Social University in Russia and Master’s degree in public health with the concentration on health promotion and policy at the University of Missouri. Within the doctoral program … Continued

Chad Stuart Owsley

Chad Stuart Owsley is a doctoral student in journalism studying media history. Owsley’s interest is in Emerging Media (EM) – how computer-driven news personalization will affect human news and information consumption, attempting to design a prediction model for how humans will respond to artificially-generated news information, along with studying the effects Artificial Intelligence (AI) and … Continued