Glastnost Defense Foundation

The Glasnost Defense Foundation provides legal support and advocacy to mass media in Russia. Established in Moscow in 1991, the GDF has established and supported ten regional Legal Defense Centers around Russia. There is also a monitoring network in all CIS republics. Staffed by lawyers and other professionals, the Centers conduct day-to-day monitoring of media rights abuses around Russia and the CIS. The GDF’s lawyers advise media personnel on their legal rights and give counsel and support when violations of media laws occur. The GDF also provides analyses and recommendations on media law to the Russian legislature as well as media and legal professionals. The Foundation works in cooperation with the following committees of the Russian State Duma: on information policy and communication, on legislative process, and on public associations and religious organizations. The Foundation also works with the State Prosecutor’s Office. The GDF organizes educational seminars for journalists, legal professionals, and human rights activists on media law and legal safety measures. GDF lawyers also give lectures on media law as guest teachers at Russian universities.

Updated: July 13, 2012