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This interest area educates students in the history, theory and skills of photojournalism, including still and moving images as well as audio. Also covered are the principles and practice of visual editing and design for print and online. Photojournalism students learn to create truly integrated multimedia projects, incorporating audio, video and stills into compelling visual story-telling projects. The program’s essential element remains understanding the power of image, and it embraces all the new technologies in presentation. Students are prepared for careers as photojournalists for print and online publications and as freelancers. Administered by the photojournalism faculty.

Bachelor of Journalism Degree Requirements

Upper-Division Journalism Core (6)

All Journalism students must take the following courses at the upper-division level:

  • JOURN 3000 History of American Journalism (3 Credits) or JOURN 4568 History of Photojournalism (3 Credits). JOURN 3000 or JOURN 4568 should be taken in the junior year.
  • JOURN 4000 Communications Law (3 Credits). JOURN 4000 also should be taken in the junior year.

Required Journalism Classes (15)

  • Take one of these:
    • JOURN 4450 News Reporting (3) or
    • JOURN 4804 Convergence Reporting (3)
  • JOURN 4556 Fundamentals of Photojournalism (3)
  • JOURN 4558 Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism (3)
  • JOURN 4560 Staff Photojournalism (3)
  • JOURN 4980 The Picture Story and Photographic Essay (3) CAPSTONE

Suggested Journalism Electives (10)

  • JOURN 4300 Broadcast News I
  • JOURN 4562 Photojournalism Business Practices (2)
  • JOURN 4554 Visual Editing for Multimedia (3)
  • JOURN 4500 News Design (3)
  • JOURN 4502 Multimedia Planning and Design (3)
  • JOURN 4506 Magazine Design (3)
  • JOURN 4510 Visual Communication (3)
  • JOURN 4566 Electronic Photojournalism (3)
  • JOURN 4568 History of Photojournalism (3)
  • JOURN 4940 Internship in Journalism (3-6)
  • JOURN 4972 Photo and Visual Editing: (3)
    [JOURN] [4972] [Photo and Visual Editing]
    An advanced visual editing course. Primary work is as a photo/multimedia editor on the Columbia Missourian photo desk. You collaborate on daily and semester projects and are assigned specific leadership roles. Prerequisites: JOURN 4408 or JOURN 7408 or JOURN 4204 or JOURN 7204 or JOURN 4500 or JOURN 7500 or JOURN 4560 or JOURN 7560. Restricted to Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors only.