Mark Johnson

Chief of Broadcast Operations

After a successful career as a producer for well-known films and shows such as “Breaking Bad”, a stint in the 1980 Olympics on the US Men’s Hockey Team “Miracle on Ice,” two careers in the MLB and several political positions, Mark Johnson decided to claim his name and title in the most recognizable way possible: as an NPR affiliate’s Chief Engineer. You can reach him at the confusingly named email,, because the other Mark Johnson emails were already taken.

Mark is incredibly happy to serve KBIA after working the previous six years with the University of Missouri’s Campus Activities and overseeing student-run KCOU 88.1 FM, MUTV 23, and Film Crew. He takes great pride in finishing KBIA’s new studios as well as building KCOU and MUTV’s studios in 2011 (and again in 2020 for MUTV). Before that, he built and ran a K-12 TV channel in Deep South Texas as part of his time with Teach For America. Mark loves helping students realize their potential with media and journalism. He does everything he can to keep the equipment operational and easy to use for students, as reporting can be stressful enough without technical issues. His past students have obtained national awards and positions all over the world. He’s excited to provide opportunities for KBIA’s and the School of Journalism’s students to use and learn industry leading radio equipment during their reporting shifts. Currently, he is also overseeing website duties for both KBIA and Classical 90.5.

Mark is not a newcomer to KBIA’s airwaves; you may have heard his baritone voice anchoring the evening news as a student in the mid-2000s. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and dual major in History, he’s living his best life in Columbia working with the School of Journalism and coordinating a course there for freshmen while having the new Center for Missouri Studies across the street. He and his wife, Alexia, enjoy raising their three children with the help of nearby family.

Updated: September 11, 2023