T’Keyah Thomas

Announcer/Producer KBIA

T’Keyah Thomas is a spoken word poet and community organizer based in Columbia, Mo. A lover of all things art, Black History and Afrofuturism, TK has been a witness to, and assisted in the creation and operations of several local arts programs and cultural events over the years, including the OneMic Poetry Collective, Louder than a Bomb (Mid-MO chapter) and Soul Sessions COMO. In her role as announcer and producer for KBIA, you’re likely to catch TK on-air during the day with a Dilla beat behind her, or moderating a panel on art and local history. She’s a recipient of COMO Magazine’s 20 Under 40 Award (class of 2022) and also hosts a Saturday afternoon slot on Columbia’s community radio station, KOPN, where she and her co-hosts feature the latest and the legends in hip hop, jazz and R&B.

T’Keyah grew up a military brat, so she was used to moving around quite a bit. But since coming here in 2010, TK has found herself connecting to Columbia in ways she never experienced before. It definitely feels like a home.

Updated: March 17, 2023