Živilė Raškauskaitė

Doctoral Student

Živilė Raškauskaitė is a Ph.D. student, specializing in media sociology. Her research focuses on the complex relationships between journalists and audiences. Živilė uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore innovative approaches to journalism that emphasize collaboration, community engagement, and meaningful interaction between journalists and their audiences. Additionally, Živilė’s research delves into the concept of dark participation online, a phenomenon that explores the negative aspects of audience engagement in digital spaces.  

Before her doctoral studies, Živilė worked as a foreign news reporter in her home country Lithuania. This hands-on experience in journalism has given her firsthand knowledge of the industry’s challenges, further fueling her passion for understanding the relationships between journalists and their audiences. 

Živilė earned her Master’s in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri and her Bachelors in Sociology from Vilnius University. 

Updated: June 21, 2023