Megan Reese

Assistant Network Buyer at Initiative

Degree(s): BJ '03 (Advertising)

Whereabouts: United States, New York, New York

What do you do?
I haven’t been at this job for very long, so I am still training. However, my job responsibilities so far include reviewing syndication screening reports and responding to the networks with content issues; creating new syndication guaranteed tracking sheets; and complete syndication post for all clients at the end of each quarter to make sure the networks delivered what they guaranteed.

How did you get your job?
I got my first interview with Initiative through networking with a man my father occasionally works with at American Airlines.

Best professional lesson learned at the J-School?
Do anything you can in order to better yourself. Take any classes, seminars and advice that will expand your knowledge because it will be helpful in the future. The more you know about your field of work, the more diversity you will have in your career.

What would be your best advice to current students?
First of all, network, network, network. With the way the job market has been, it is really hard to get your foot in the door. Ask anyone you know if they know someone in your field of work. You will be surprised where your contacts can come from. If you make a good impression, contacts can get you in the door a lot quicker. Second, get an internship. If possible, do as many as you can. Employers look for real-world experience and will most likely pass over your resume if you do not have any experience outside of the classroom. The job market is competitive, and you want to stand out over your competitors. The other reason to have an internship is because it will help you decide what areas of work you are interested in and to eliminate other areas. Lastly, be persistent. Make sure you follow up after interviews. Do not be pushy, but show your eagerness to work for the company and to learn.

What is one thing you wish you had done?
The one thing I wish I had done was to study abroad. Everyone who I have talked to who did go abroad had an amazing time. Someone once said to me, “In order to truly understand the way business works in America, it is good to understand how it works in other parts of the world.”

Updated: November 10, 2011