Anthony Jackson, BJ ’09

What do you do? I am Padma Lakshmi’s chief of staff and an associate producer on “Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi,” premiering June 18th, 2020, on Hulu. How did you get your job? After graduating from Mizzou’s Journalism School, I moved to New York and worked for a couple of years in public relations. … Continued

Natalie Dupin

What do you do? I am a the public relations coordinator for the CNN New York Bureau. My job focuses primarily on the CNN Original Series. How did you get your job? I started applying like a madwoman to jobs in January. I flew out to New York once a month and lined up interviews … Continued

Eve (Silver) McDavid

Eve (Silver) McDavid, BJ ’08, felt there was something familiar about one of her Missouri School of Journalism professors on that first day of classes her senior year. A connection of some sort, maybe? It was when Barbara Ifshin introduced herself to the class, everything immediately clicked. McDavid realized that this had to be the Barbara … Continued

Jamie Hergenrader

For Jamie Hergenrader, BJ ’14, attending a journalism school to study magazine journalism was a no-brainer; it was all about finding the perfect one. After searching far and wide for the top school, Jamie discovered the Missouri School of Journalism, and she never looked back. What was the most rewarding experience you had as a … Continued

Jane Di Leo

Evenings at the Di Leo household were times of storytelling. Jane Di Leo, BJ ’05, MA ’06, and her sister listened to their dad regale them with tales about his childhood in a Chicago orphanage or make-believe stories about the rights and wrongs in life. When Di Leo wasn’t listening to her dad’s stories, she … Continued

John Haskins

If there is one thing the Missouri School of Journalism taught John Haskins, BJ ’85, it was to pay attention to detail. Haskins sat in the sunken room in Neff Hall that was commonly called “the pit.” As Professor Ernest Morgan returned the first graded assignment to the class, Haskins stared at the manual typewriter … Continued

Fortuna Calvo-Roth

As a young girl in Peru, Fortuna Calvo-Roth, BJ ’54, followed World War II through headlines in the local paper. One day she saw “USS Iowa” displayed in imposing type across the front page. Frightened, she wondered if it meant an enemy Japanese ship had won a battle in the Pacific. Her mother reassured her, … Continued

Michael Churton

What do you do? I am an associate producer with NBC Peacock Productions. We make long-form shows for various networks including NBC Networks, Discovery Networks and MTV Networks. How did you get your job? I networked at a Christmas party and met an executive producer who, four months later, brought me in for an interview. … Continued

Jason Stallman

By Erin Schell Jason Stallman, BJ ’97, put a lot of faith in his older brother. Jason was a sophomore studying abroad in London, and he asked Scott, a senior at the University of Missouri, to register him for the next semester’s classes. This was in the days before online registration, and students needed to … Continued