Decade: 2000-09

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Kelli Brown, BJ '02

Kelli Brown

BJ '02
CEO and Lead Consultant at Pixel/Point Press, Ltd.
Emily Ann Brown, BJ '08

Emily Ann Brown

BJ '08 / Strategic Communication
Director, Media and Analytics at Elasticity
Ben Carmichael, BJ '02

Ben Carmichael

BJ '02 / Strategic Communication
Songwriter, Guitarist and Vocalist at Trash Executioner
Christine Chan, BJ '06, MA '08

Christine Chan

BJ '06, MA '08 / Magazine Journalism / Photojournalism
Graphics Journalist at Thomson Reuters
Charles Choi, MA '01

Charles Choi

MA '01 (News-Editorial) / Print and Digital News
Freelance Writer
Ryan B. Cummings

Ryan B. Cummings

BJ '03 (Advertising) / Strategic Communication
Design Manager at American Payroll Association
Katie DeSplinter, BJ '05

Katie DeSplinter

BJ '05 / Strategic Communication
Senior Copywriter at Rubin Postaer Associates (RPA)
Jane Di Leo, BJ '05, MA '06

Jane Di Leo

BJ '05, MA '06 / Magazine Journalism
Manager of Public Affairs and Communications at American Express