Shannon Teicher, BJ ’01

Shannon Teicher, BJ ’01, is one of 30 attorneys to be named to the “Super Lawyers – Rising Stars” list by Thomson Reuters. Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected to receive this honor. The annual selections are made using a multiphase process that includes a statewide … Continued

Elise Hu, BJ ’03

Elise Hu, BJ ’03, was named NPR international correspondent and is set to open the network’s first Seoul, South Korea, bureau. Hu be responsible for covering both Koreas and Japan, as well as traveling for stories across the East Asia region.

Li Xin

Xin Li felt the sun beat down on her face as she walked down the highway. It was another scorching hot August day in Columbia, Missouri. Li was on her way to the police station to get her first interview for a Columbia Missourian article. After a mix-up with the bus schedule and enduring a … Continued

Heather Physioc

Heather Physioc, BJ ’08, spends her days ensuring things get discovered. As a specialist in search engine optimization, or SEO, her job is to help the Web content of her clients rise to the top of an Internet search results list. It is work she finds fulfilling not only because of the results it yields … Continued

Rebecca Norris

For Rebecca Norris, BJ ’07, MA ’08, a day at the office revolves around something she loves: people. Norris has a knack for making connections with others, whether she’s building relationships with colleagues or understanding consumers’ bonds with brands. “I’ve always just really enjoyed people, and so the idea of centering my career around what … Continued

Lincoln Stephens

It would be easy to mistake Lincoln Stephens, BJ ’03, for another young alumni visiting the MU campus if not for the abnormally long line of students fervently waiting to meet him in the auditorium. Stephens stands at the front of the room, greeting each person with a warm smile and gracious handshake. His vibrant … Continued

Patrick Garvin

Patrick Garvin, BJ ’04, reached for the packing tape at the checkout counter during his shift at Walmart the summer before his senior year of college. He looked up to greet the customer and was welcomed with a familiar face – Reuben Stern, an instructor that Garvin knew from the Columbia Missourian. The two exchanged … Continued

Blake Kuhre

“Goood morning! It’s The Wakey Blakey Show!” From 2007-13, thousands of preteens across the United States got dressed for school, had breakfast and brushed their teeth while listening to The Wakey Blakey Show on Radio Disney. Hosted by Missouri School of Journalism graduate Blake Barrett Kuhre, BJ ’03, the show allowed children to connect with … Continued

Christine Chan

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from air traffic control screens less than an hour after takeoff on March 8, 2014. The plane had been flying in good weather conditions. Its disappearance, without distress signals, left air traffic control officials, the media and the public wondering what happened. As soon as the news broke, Christine Chan, … Continued

Patrice Relerford, BJ ’06

Patrice Relerford, BJ ’06, will become a Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellow at The Minneapolis Foundation in January. The program prepares high-potential individuals from underrepresented communities for careers in philanthropy. Relerford is now the institutional support coordinator and grantwriter at People Serving People, a family-oriented shelter that provides emergency housing and community services to help homeless … Continued