Teodora Trifonova

Teodora Trifonova is a doctoral student, a research and teaching assistant at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia. She studies global media from a qualitative perspective, focusing on the cultural labor of foreign correspondents. Her other area of research is focused on media and press freedom in Eastern-Central Europe. Trifonova has been studying the … Continued

Frida Qi (Xin Qi)

Frida Qi (Xin Qi) is a doctoral student who has interests in various topics within media sociology and journalism. She is interested in investigating the relationship between emerging technologies and media ethics from a social perspective. Her research also touches on journalism studies in which her focus falls on people who work in the industry. … Continued

Lea-Ann Germinder

Lea-Ann Germinder is a first-year doctoral student in Strategic Communications at the University of Missouri School of Journalism with a focus on AI and Public Relations. She is interested in how the public relations discipline can help implement AI responsibly. Germinder is Founder and President of Germinder + Associates, Inc., a strategic communications firm with … Continued

Ki Jun Kang

Ki Jun Kang is a doctoral student at the Missouri School of Journalism, concentrating on media effects and how they shape public perceptions. He has a keen interest in the intricacies of message delivery, especially within health communication, and its capacity to elicit positive shifts in attitudes and perceptions. Ki Jun earned his bachelor’s degree … Continued

Chandi Raj Dahal

Chandi Raj Dahal is a doctoral student and graduate research assistant at the Missouri School of Journalism. He holds a Bachelor of Media Studies degree from Kathmandu University and a Master of Journalism from The University of Hong Kong. Additionally, he has earned a second master’s degree in Conflict, Peace, and Development Studies from Tribhuvan University, … Continued

Jenna Fisher

Jenna Fisher is a first-year doctoral student at the Missouri School of Journalism with a focus on media effects. She is particularly interested in exploring the relationship between media and news literacy and the spread of fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theory.  Fisher is a journalist with some 15 years of experience working in Boston. … Continued

Živilė Raškauskaitė

Živilė Raškauskaitė is a Ph.D. student, specializing in media sociology. Her research focuses on the complex relationships between journalists and audiences. Živilė uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore innovative approaches to journalism that emphasize collaboration, community engagement, and meaningful interaction between journalists and their audiences. Additionally, Živilė’s research delves into the concept of … Continued

Michael Dieringer

MICHAEL DIERINGER is a Mexican American doctoral student in journalism studying alternative media, politics, and the public. Dieringer’s research interests complicate contemporary definitions of alternative media and the role of right-wing alternative media in social movements and politics. He understands alternative media as temporally constrained in its definition and seeks to further illuminate and intersect … Continued