Chau Tong

Assistant Professor


B.A. in English, Hanoi University, Vietnam
M.A. in Communication, Ewha Woman’s University, South Korea
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Areas of Expertise
  • Computational Methods
  • Digital News
  • Health Communication
  • Political Journalism
  • Social Media

Chau Tong is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and the Institute for Data Science & Informatics at the University of Missouri. Her research centers on the use of computational methods and digital trace analyses to detect and tackle different forms of information and communication discrepancies created by digital technology. 

In particular, her research program involves: 1) Combining survey research and social media analytics to understand misinformation, disinformation and public discourse, and 2) Applying data science approaches to detect information disorders and design interventions to improve uptake of high-quality information and equity in communication outcomes.  

Updated: November 17, 2023