LaRissa Lawrie

Doctoral Student

LARISSA LAWRIE is a doctoral student at the Missouri School of Journalism with a focus on emerging media and fake news with an emphasis on media effects. The common thread of her research is information and technology. LaRissa is particularly interested in questions of how technology influences perceptions of moral principles, ideology, truth and fact, and social identity. What role does viral misinformation play in health communication and outcomes? Does social media and digital news affect empathy and information burnout? Has the discourse around entrepreneurship and innovation created subjective realities? What role does media literacy play in navigating an increasingly online existence?

Before coming to Missouri, LaRissa taught public speaking at Wichita State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in communication (emphasizing in strategic communication) and a master’s degree in communication. LaRissa has worked as a writer, photographer, entrepreneur, and occasional journalist. She’s worked with news organizations, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, startups, small health and wellness businesses, public radio, and for herself. She’s also taught more than 2,000 people design thinking and has been an advocate for bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to underserved populations. These experiences give LaRissa practical skills to share with her students. In her free time, she volunteers to teach design thinking and creativity workshops, is an avid outdoorswoman, and amateur baker.


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  • Lawrie, L. (June 2017). Empowering Student Changemakers through Entrepreneurship and Design thinking. Poster presentation at the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio
  • Hund, H., and Lawrie, L. (March 2017). Giving Students a voice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs. Poster presentation at the VentureWell Open Conference: National Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Conference, Washington D.C. (Awarded best in category for entrepreneurship curriculum)

Updated: September 14, 2020