During its last review in 2016, the School was found to be in compliance with all nine standards at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • Standard 1. Mission, Governance and Administration
  • Standard 2. Curriculum and Instruction
  • Standard 3. Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Standard 4. Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty
  • Standard 5. Scholarship: Research, Creative and Professional Activity
  • Standard 6. Student Services
  • Standard 7. Resources, Facilities and Equipment
  • Standard 8. Professional and Public Service
  • Standard 9. Assessment of Learning Outcomes

The accreditation process involves four steps. These are a self-study conducted by faculty, staff and students; a site visit of educators and professors; a recommendation by the national accrediting committee; and a final vote by the national Accrediting Council. More information about the nine standards is available on the ACEJMC website.