Facts and Statistics

Undergraduate On-Campus Enrollment (2020-21)

  • Freshman: 549
  • Sophomore: 490
  • Junior: 436
  • Senior: 502
  • Total: 1977

The undergraduate on-campus enrollment for an academic year is determined in mid-September every year. A census of the fall semester official enrollment reports is taken on the 20th day of classes in a 16-week semester. Source: MU Student Information Systems.

Undergraduate Journalism Scholarships

Generous alumni and friends have created hundreds of scholarships that are available to Missouri School of Journalism students from around the world. All financial aid and scholarships are awarded through MU Student Financial AidSource: The Missouri School of Journalism.

  • 2020-21: $1,055,600

Dual Degrees, Minors and Certificates

The following information highlights academic studies of the most recent class of graduating seniors. It is updated when the information is available after the spring semester. Source: MU Student Information Systems.

Dual Degrees

  • 2021: 10%
  • Top three areas journalism students choose for a dual degree (in order): Political Science, English, Business Administration.
  • Others (alphabetical): Art, Classics, Economics, Film Studies, Interdisciplinary, International Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Romance languages.


  • 2021: 58%
  • Top five areas journalism students choose for a minor (in order): Business, Spanish, Political Science, Psychology and Textile & Apparel Management.
  • Others (alphabetical): American Constitutional Democracy, Anthropology, Art History, Art, Black Studies, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Criminology, Economics, English, Environmental Sciences, Film Studies, French, Geography, German, History, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Japanese Studies, Leadership & Public Service, Linguistics, Middle East Studies, Music, Navel Science, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Russian, Sociology, Social Justice, Statistics, and Women’s & Gender Studies.

Spring graduates earning certificates

Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates

FS = Fall Semester. Numbers represent a percent. Source: MU Student Information Systems.

1-Year Retention: Undergraduates still enrolled at MU after one year:

  • FS2017 – FS2018: 92%
  • FS2018 – FS2019: 92%
  • FS 2019 – FS2020: 90%

4-Year Graduation: Undergraduates who receive their degree in four years:

  • FS2014: 74%
  • FS2015: 72%
  • FS2016: 74%

5-Year Graduation: Undergraduates who receive their degree in five years:

  • FS2013: 80%
  • FS2014: 85%
  • FS2015: 81%

6-Year Graduation: Undergraduates who receive their degree in six years:

  • FS2012: 82%
  • FS2013: 82%
  • FS2014: 87%

For more information concerning MU’s data on enrollment and graduation rates, please visit the campus data hub found on the Institutional Research & Quality Improvement webpage.

Undergraduate Outcomes Survey 2020

94.4 percent of recent Missouri graduates reporting a successful career outcome such as employment, continuing education, volunteer or military service within six months of graduation.

An annual outcomes survey conducted by the University of Missouri shows 94.4% of students graduating with a bachelor degree in journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism have successful career outcomes–such as paid employment, continuing education, volunteer or military service–within six months of graduation.

Employment Status Percent
Full-time job (paid) 62.7%
Part-time job or internship (paid) 14.9%
Graduate school 15.5%
Seeking employment 5.6%
Other  <2


For more information on student outcomes, top employers and destinations, please visit the MU Outcomes Survey webpage.