STRANjERS: Sandy Davidson

Sandy Davidson with her dog Harley.
Sandy Davidson with her dog Harley.

It’s smart, passionate, resilient, quirky and creative people who make the Missouri School of Journalism so special. Meet them in “STRANjERS.”

Sandy Davidson (with Harley Davidson)

  • Professor of Journalism
  • Curator’s Teaching Professor
  • Adjunct Professor, MU School of Law

“Harley Davidson I saw at the shelter. He was sick and was really skinny. I had given a small donation to the Humane Society to get him antibiotics; Harley had kennel cough and I was afraid he might make the other dogs sick. But next week, all I could think about was this one. So I went back and got Harley, and he’s just been a perfect love. I always say for a rescue dog, it’s ‘a mutual rescue.’ You rescue the dog, and the dog rescues you. He’s my constant buddy. When I work, he’s under my work table. I like to take my shoes off and put my feet on him if it’s a cold day. Perfect warmer.”

Updated: September 15, 2020

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