Robert Hyland

Robert Hyland, regional vice president of CBS Radio, has been associated with CBS for the pat 14 years, 12 of them with station KMOX n St. Louis. Under Hyland’s leadership, KMOX became one of the outstanding radio stations in the country. The station has received many awards for innovations he inaugurated. Hyland has been active … Continued

Mahlon Aldridge

Mahlon R. Aldridge, Jr., “Voice of the Tigers:” for 28 years, has been an owner of Station KFRU since 1948. He initiated Missouri Tiger football and basketball play-by-play on KFRU in 1946, and after buying the station he started the Missouri Sports Network. By 1970, the original five stations in the network had grown to … Continued

Jim Russell

Jim Russell is the general manager of Marketplace Production. He created Marketplace, the daily public radio business broadcast, which reaches 4 million listeners via 270 stations across the United States. Russell is an award-winning journalist and creative producer with more than 30 years of experience in local and national broadcasting. He has worked with both … Continued

Jerrell Shepard

Jerrell Shepherd, president and owner of KWIX and KRES-FM in Moberly, has been in broadcast management for more than 30 years. In 1976, under his leadership, KWIX and KRES grossed almost $750,000 in a community of 13,000, a record for small market stations. A former president of the Missouri Broadcasters Association, Shepherd has won both … Continued