Nischelle Turner

Nischelle Turner, BJ ’98, has stood in the reporting field, anchored the news desk, roamed the sidelines and commanded the red carpet. Nearly 20 years into her career, the small-town girl rooted within the esteemed correspondent still admits to brief moments where she feels starry-eyed, taking it all in. It is not constellations that blind … Continued

Brian Yamada

With constant curiosity and an eagerness to solve the next problem that comes his way, Brian Yamada, BJ ’93, has found success in an industry that is evolving every day. As the chief innovation officer of VML, one of the world’s top digital advertising agencies, Yamada works with the advancing world of communication technology on … Continued

Jack Jackson

When Jack Jackson, MA ’93, landed in Denmark in 1995 with the intent of continuing a freelance journalism career in a country he’d never visited, he was out on a major limb. He knew one person, a handful of Danish words and that, somehow, he would persevere and find success. Jackson’s bold move to Denmark … Continued

Kellye Whitney

As one of LinkedIn’s Top Media Voices of 2015 and one of Folio’s Top Women in Media 2016, Kellye Whitney, BJ ’97, understands the media landscape and how to connect with an audience. She grew up surrounded by books and knew she wanted to write. This passion led her to the Missouri School of Journalism, … Continued

Stacey White Belford

For Stacey (White) Belford, BJ ’93, her journey through the Missouri School of Journalism was an adventure from day one. Originally set on moving to California to work for rock stars, Belford felt the call to be a Tiger, where she found her niche in the agency world. Why did you decide to come to … Continued

Tom Weir, MA ’94, PhD ’98

Tom Weir, MA ’94, PhD ’98, died Feb. 14, 2016. Prior to his retirement in 2015, he most recently served as interim director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina. Previously he taught at Oklahoma State University and served for five years as director at the School of … Continued

Thomas Hiatt

Thomas Hiatt, BJ ’98, has never been one to settle. As a man who has co-owned a marketing agency for more than a decade, Hiatt has always been motivated by the desire to be in control of the clients he works for and the environment he works in. His ability to clinch auspicious work didn’t manifest … Continued

Danita Allen Wood, BS AGR ’77, MA ’93

Missouri Life magazine took home the 2015 Magazine of the Year award from the International Regional Magazine Association’s annual awards celebration on Oct. 26, in San Diego. Danita Allen Wood, BS AGR ’77, MA ’93, serves as editor in chief. Missouri Life also earned eight other awards for publications with circulation less than 30,000.

Shantana (Croom) Stewart, BJ ’98

Shantana (Croom) Stewart, BJ ’98, owner of Shantana Stewart Communications LLC in St. Louis, provides strategic communications, media and public relations services to nonprofits, businesses and individuals. Stewart also serves as recording and corresponding secretary for the Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists and helps lead the group’s annual journalism workshop for high school … Continued