Dominick Lee

Dominick Lee is a talented multimedia specialist who joined the Journalism School faculty July 2021. He is a born-and-raised Columbia native and proud class of ‘10 Mizzou graduate. Lee specializes in video production techniques, which he couples with artistic and compositional editing styles. He’s passionate about creating graphically transformative, visual elements utilizing digital platforms and … Continued

Shuhua Zhou

SHUHUA ZHOU has pioneered broadcast news in English in Southern China and anchored, reported and edited English-language news for the Guangdong TV Station (GDTV) in Guangzhou, P.R. China. GDTV is the third largest TV station in the country and serves four southern provinces with an audience more than 175 million. Zhou has worked as a … Continued

Kellie Stanfield

KELLIE STANFIELD is an associate professor of broadcast journalism and an executive producer at KOMU-TV. She teaches the introductory broadcast course in radio-television journalism, and oversees production of newscasts at KOMU. Kellie earned her Ph.D. from the Missouri School of Journalism, where she also earned a graduate certificate in online education, and her MA in … Continued