Lisa Griffin

Lisa Griffin, MA ’02, always has had an inquisitive mind. When her mother would read her a bedtime story, Griffin would stop her every few seconds to ask an in-depth question about the characters or plot, which were often so complicated that her mother couldn’t even come up with a sufficient answer. Before Griffin could … Continued

Richard Segal

What do you do? I produce and deliver weathercasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday midday for the 24-hour local news station in Austin, Texas. We do six weathercasts an hour, every ten minutes. I am also responsible for providing non-stop weathercasts during severe weather situations affecting our counties of responsibility. … Continued

David Lammers

What do you do? Editor in chief of a website about chip manufacturing, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design. It survives with company sponsors, and covers semiconductor production fabs, equipment, materials, markets and related topics. How did you get your job? After the print magazine Semiconductor International was closed by RBI in April 2010, I worked with … Continued