Erica Jorgensen

What do you do? I’m the author of Strategic Content Design: Tools and Research Techniques for Better UX (Rosenfeld Media, 2023). I’m a Seattle-based content strategist who’s worked for Microsoft, Expedia, and Amazon. How did you get your job? My career has evolved from book publishing to newspaper and magazine journalism to digital media and … Continued

Angee Linsey

What do you do? I lead a national boutique executive search firm that specializes in marketing and communications recruitment. How did you get your job? I began my career in public relations and then went to graduate school to earn a master’s in career development. During that time, I landed a job as a recruiter … Continued

Karen Mullen

What do you do? I’m a portrait photographer, working for myself. How did you get your job? I was only doing stock photography when Leo and I decided to put our oldest son in private school and we needed to make more money. I spent two years getting educated in the very different art of … Continued

Dean Kahn

What do you do? Editor and columnist for The Bellingham Herald in lovely Bellingham, Wash. How did you get your job? Joined the Herald in 1986 after working for UPI in Jefferson City, Mo., and Olympia, Wash. What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School? Care more about your writing than your … Continued

Bill Bledsoe

What do you do? I’m a senior product manager for Best Buy’s Media Network. I’m responsible for building systems that help Best Buy monetize their digital surfaces; think Web, APP and digital experiences in-store. Retail advertising is actually the fastest-growing part of digital marketing and I’m lucky enough to be right in the middle of … Continued