Brandt Merritt

What do you do? I develop and edit content for both print and online publications for Southeastern University, as well as oversee all official social media accounts for the university. The content can vary from a degree program description, to a blurb for a promotional postcard, to a feature story on a faculty member. As … Continued

Ellen Jaffe Jones

What do you do? Author, health/fitness/recipe columnist, nationally certified personal trainer and running coach, media consultant. I spent 18 years in broadcast news as an investigative/consumer reporter, anchor, producer and photographer. I spent six years as a stay-at-home mom, then five years as a financial consultant at Smith Barney where I was the No. 1 … Continued

Kate Hallock

What do you do? Editor, The Resident Community News. How did you get your job? Began freelancing Sept 2012 shortly after moving to Jacksonville after 30 years in Pittsburgh, PA; previous editor left and recommended me for the position in Nov 2012. What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School? Never be … Continued

Eric Engberg

What do you do? Retired radio/TV correspondent, CBS News Washington Bureau. How did you get your job? I was working for a broadcasting company, Westinghouse, when it closed its Washington Bureau, laying off 12 people, as an economy measure. I sent letters, resumes and writing samples to all the networks. (There were then only three). … Continued