John Somerville

What do you do? I am retired. How did you get your job? Perseverance. After being decommissioned from the Navy in WWII, I went to Denver, where I was determined to become an editorial cartoonist on The Denver Post. (Their editorial cartoonist was in his seventies, doing seven cartoons a week plus an oil painting … Continued

Tim Burke

In 1981, technology failed Tim Burke. He was sitting in his yellow Chevrolet Chevette in St. Louis, furiously typing a story on a Rock Bridge High School football away game. Just as he was about to hit “send” on the story, his 1980’s Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 computer died. Panicking, he found a pay phone … Continued

Mike Deeson

By Lauren Flaker Investigative reporting isn’t for everyone. The hours are long. There are constant barriers to information. Sources don’t always want to talk. Mike Deeson, BJ ’70, however, thrives on the excitement of these challenges. The investigative reporter for WTSP News in Tampa, Florida, approaches every story with the same vigor he did when … Continued

Brian Smith

Brian Smith’s best-selling book for portrait photographers, Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Portraits of the Famous and Infamous shares his stories from 30 years photographing portraits of the famous and infamous. His book Art & Soul: Stars Unite to Celebrate and Support the Arts, photographed in partnership with The Creative Coalition and Sony, pairs Smith’s … Continued

Jason Mudd

What do you do, and what is most interesting about it?I’m the chief executive officer of a growing public relations firm. Every day is different. We represent a variety of clients who want to grow their visibility and sales across the U.S. How did you get your job?I developed a reputation for success in the public … Continued

Mary Ann Williams

What do you do? Bob Williams, whom I met at MU and my husband of 57 years, and I are happily retired from his practice of 35 years at a large multispecialty clinic. Our son and daughter provided us with five grandchildren and are our pride and joy. I worked for AT&T as a employment … Continued

Bernard Waterman

Planting a Seed As a child of the Great Depression, Bernard Waterman has worked for everything in his lifetime. Waterman was born in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley to a father with two disparate careers: He managed a limestone company and performed as a concert violinist at the Philadelphia Symphony Hall. After his … Continued

Charles Ridgway

Some might call Charles Ridgway, BJ ’47, a “Disney Legend.” After serving 40 years as press agent for Mickey Mouse parks, the Missouri alumnus became a legend and friend to newsmen around the world for his enthusiastic devotion to Walt Disney’s dreams. At Walt Disney World in Florida he hosted thousands of news reporters and … Continued

Sergio L. Piedra

What do you do? And what is most interesting about it? I’m still trying to figure out what I do. Actually, my job is pretty simple – give visitors to The Palm Beaches an authentic sense of place. By developing hotel packages, marketing our events and producing content for our website or brochures – of … Continued

Larry Meyer

From Practicing to Promoting Journalism Larry Meyer, BJ ’76, has been a leader in promoting journalism excellence and a journalist grounded in the craft’s timeless values: accuracy, integrity, honesty, transparency and factuality. At the Missouri School of journalism, he soaked in these values, and they became the codes in his career. Meyer began his print … Continued