Gary Belis

Gary Belis, BJ ’77, proudly showcases a letter from Donald Trump on his kitchen wall. After he wrote a review of Trump’s first book in 1988 for Fortune magazine, describing Trump as “the finest example we have of materialism, ambition, and self-love among the baby boomers,” Trump let him know that he thought it was … Continued

Valon Beasley

What do you do? As an entrepreneur, I increase revenue for and exposure of businesses by building their brands. As an educator, I’ve taught junior high and high school students English and Journalism while leading professional development workshops and coordinating events. How did you get your job? After earning a masters in English Education from … Continued

Jesse Baker

It was a love of storytelling that first brought Jesse Baker to the Missouri School of Journalism. And, by any account, she had plenty of stories to tell. From living in Hawaii, backpacking through Europe, sleeping for a night on the streets in Brussels, spending time in Lithuania, traveling up and down the Pacific coast … Continued