Katelynn McIlwain

Managing Editor, KBIA

Katelynn McIlwain is a managing editor for KBIA 91.3 FM. Originally from Freeport, Illinois, she joined the university in 2023 after receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2022 and her master’s degree in 2023, both from the J-School.

As managing editor, McIlwain assists KBIA newsroom leaders in planning, supervising and producing news programming for radio broadcast, including daily news and in-depth reports, as well as public affairs programming. McIlwain teaches freshman journalism students about the basics of news reporting.

McIlwain’s research has focused on how young public media journalists perceive and conduct individual branding on Twitter. During her time as a student at MU, McIlwain wrote award-winning stories for Vox Magazine and served as the magazine’s editor in chief. She also produced stories and delivered morning newscasts for KBIA.

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Updated: February 22, 2024