Nick Mathews

Dr. Nick Mathews is a two-time graduate of the University of Missouri, a veteran newsroom leader, a respected mentor and teacher and a prolific and award-winning academic scholar. From his first day as a freshman in 1997 to earning a master’s degree in 2019 to his current position as an assistant professor, Dr. Mathews proudly … Continued

Chau Tong

Chau Tong is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and the Institute for Data Science & Informatics at the University of Missouri. Her research centers on the use of computational methods and digital trace analyses to detect and tackle different forms of information and communication discrepancies created by digital technology.  In particular, her research … Continued

Adam Feiner

Adam Feiner is the assistant sports editor for the Columbia Missourian — the J-School’s community newspaper. He also is a visiting assistant professor on the Journalism Professions faculty. Feiner, alongside Missourian sports editor Pete Bland, supervises print production of the newspaper’s sports section and updates the website. He co-teaches a section of J4180/7180 News Content … Continued

Shuhua Zhou

SHUHUA ZHOU has pioneered broadcast news in English in Southern China and anchored, reported and edited English-language news for the Guangdong TV Station (GDTV) in Guangzhou, P.R. China. GDTV is the third largest TV station in the country and serves four southern provinces with an audience more than 175 million. Zhou has worked as a … Continued

Monique Luisi

MONIQUE LUISI is an assistant professor of strategic communication in the Missouri School of Journalism. Her research focuses on media message strategy, focusing on health and underserved populations. She has conducted research on media representations and audience perceptions of the HPV vaccine, Ebola, diabetes, breast cancer, coming out, and hypersexual desire disorder – using both quantitative and qualitative methods.