Stacey Welsh

Stacey Welsh, BJ ’13, visited MU and immediately knew it was the place for her to pursue her interests in journalism. Welsh’s education at the Missouri School of Journalism and experience at KOMU-TV provided her with the fundamental skills to succeed. Today, Welsh uses these same skills as a digital journalist at KENS-TV. Why did … Continued

Lisa Griffin

Lisa Griffin, MA ’02, always has had an inquisitive mind. When her mother would read her a bedtime story, Griffin would stop her every few seconds to ask an in-depth question about the characters or plot, which were often so complicated that her mother couldn’t even come up with a sufficient answer. Before Griffin could … Continued

Janet Shamlian

It’s 2013 and Janet Shamlian, BJ ’84, stands in front of a windowless plane in an aircraft hangar in New Mexico. The plane, the size of a semitruck, is fixed on blocks and bears the symbol of the United States Air Force. Shamlian is reporting about the controversial drone pilot training happening at Holloman Air … Continued

Lincoln Stephens

It would be easy to mistake Lincoln Stephens, BJ ’03, for another young alumni visiting the MU campus if not for the abnormally long line of students fervently waiting to meet him in the auditorium. Stephens stands at the front of the room, greeting each person with a warm smile and gracious handshake. His vibrant … Continued

Jennifer Gutknecht Lynch

What do you do? I am the director of marketing and physician recruiting for a hospital in central Texas. I’m a one-woman show for all aspects of marketing, including advertising, PR, internal communications, media relations and buying, community relations, social media and the like. I started in this position in 2000, and it’s morphed from … Continued

Mark Greenblatt

What do you do, and what is most interesting about your job? I am an investigative reporter for the KHOU 11 News I-Team in Houston. Coming to work each day is an absolute thrill. It’s one of the only jobs around where you have a real chance to right wrongs and see an immediate, positive … Continued

Pat Spence

What do you do? I direct and advise the Department of Student Publications at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas. The job includes purview over the university’s twice-weekly, independent student newspaper and its online presence, and its yearbook. I also teach a course on advanced newswriting and special projects in SFA’s Department of Global … Continued

Richard Segal

What do you do? I produce and deliver weathercasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday midday for the 24-hour local news station in Austin, Texas. We do six weathercasts an hour, every ten minutes. I am also responsible for providing non-stop weathercasts during severe weather situations affecting our counties of responsibility. … Continued

Georgia O’Brien Patrick

What is your company like? The Communicators is the coolest place to work. We won the first national competition for the best small business in America a few years ago. In a competition of hundreds of organizations we were selected among the top 10 finalists and then got the call that we were number one. … Continued

Kristen Meyer

What do you do? I work in corporate communications for a natural gas pipeline company, doing employee communications, crisis communications, media relations, community relations, a little bit of everything. I can honestly say I love my job. How did you get your job? My network. I contacted a former colleague on Facebook and asked her … Continued