The Missouri School of Journalism curriculum is designed to allow first-year students to dive in to the worlds of journalism and strategic communication on day one. Whether you have a little experience or a lot, the School offers you many ways to apply your journalism and strategic communication skills to careers in a wide variety … Continued

Li Yang awarded University of Missouri 2019 International Engagement Award

Columbia, Mo. (Nov. 22, 2019) — Li Yang, who assists dozens of undergraduate students earning dual (“2+2”) degrees from the Missouri School of Journalism and top universities in China, received the University of Missouri 2019 International Engagement Award for outstanding staff contribution. The award recognizes meaningful and sustained commitments to international work, whether directly on … Continued

Lindsey Crozier

Lindsey Crozier is the senior academic adviser in Journalism Graduate Studies that works with PhD, online master and graduate certificate students. Crozier joined the Missouri School of Journalism in June 2019. Prior to advising at Mizzou, Crozier earned a master of education degree in counseling at Stephens College in 2011 and a bachelor of arts … Continued


The School of Journalism faculty and student research takes many forms and covers a wide variety of topics in both journalism and strategic communication. The School has consistently ranked nationally for research publications and submissions.