Seymour Topping

If journalists write the first draft of history, as has been claimed, it is a draft dictated by war. Centuries of “journalists,” from ancient historians such as Herodotus to modern 20th century reporters, have documented the rise and fall of civilizations marked by winners and losers of war. Their stories have shaped the historical eras … Continued

Charles Ridgway

Some might call Charles Ridgway, BJ ’47, a “Disney Legend.” After serving 40 years as press agent for Mickey Mouse parks, the Missouri alumnus became a legend and friend to newsmen around the world for his enthusiastic devotion to Walt Disney’s dreams. At Walt Disney World in Florida he hosted thousands of news reporters and … Continued

Walter Reed

What do you do? I retired from a long-time PR position in 1989 – director of public relations of the U.S. vending machine industry’s national trade association – then operated an international consulting service until 2003. For 19 years, I have been a very active Rotarian in my club and Rotary district. I am also … Continued

Conrad L. Lohoefer

What do you do? I worked on newspapers in Texas and Oregon until 1957 when I entered public relations. In 1961 I started in the cotton business as an independent merchandiser operating in Lubbock, Texas, and in Visalia, Calif. Today, I am retired and live in Plano, Texas, near my five children and eight grandchildren, … Continued

Glenn Hensley

What do you do? I am the retired editor of Farm & Power Equipment for National Farm & Power Equipment Dealers Association. I also served as editor of Gateway Heritage quarterly journal for the State of Missouri Historical Society. I also wrote articles for Popular Mechanics. How did you get your job? A suggestion that I … Continued

Betty Cole Dukert

Why did you choose to attend the Missouri School of Journalism? I intended to become a journalist from about age 13. I can’t imagine why, as I knew none. Probably it was movies. Fortunately, when I began to think about specific colleges, I lived in Missouri and knew the journalism school at MU was tops. … Continued

Don Mozley, BJ ’42

Don Mozley, BJ ’42, died Oct. 27. He was a broadcast marvel who was the youngest CBS News correspondent when he was hired at age 21 during World War II. He continued working with special reports on the CBS San Francisco website until the time of his death. During his career Mozley and some colleagues … Continued

Ernie Baker, BJ ’48

Ernie Baker, BJ ’48, was one of seven to be inducted into The Adcraft Club of Detroit’s Hall of Fame in June 2011. He was employed by the Zimmer-Keller advertising agency in Detroit shortly after graduation. In 1964 he started his own namesake advertising agency, and it was acquired by DDB Needham Worldwide in 1990. … Continued