Cicely Dyson

What do you do? I’m currently a news editor at The Wall Street Journal, managing the print edition of the European paper. My day-to-day involves sifting through the day’s news from our world, corporate and finance desks to determine what should lead the front page of the A and B sections as well as what … Continued

Jane B. Singer

More than a decade before the first Web browser emerged from research and development, Jane B. Singer, PhD ’96, was working as a digital journalist. As one of the original editorial staff members of a pilot “videotex” project way back in 1982, Singer planned, created and updated news and feature stories for CBS Venture One. … Continued

Robert Picard

Robert Picard, PhD ’83, has spent the past three decades investigating how economics and policies affect the media industry and what to do about it. He now carries out that work as a professor at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at University of Oxford. Now considered a founding father of the field … Continued

Robert S. Leaf

Growing up in New York, N.Y., Robert S. Leaf, known as Bob, never imagined that he would embark on a career that would lead him to travel the world and be in charge of establishing worldwide strategy for the PR firm that was to become the largest in the world. “I never pictured myself living … Continued