Mary Huss

Major newspapers headlined the Watergate scandal in northwards of 72-point type when Washington Post enterprise reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncovered a major political scandal. The two made public a June 17, 1972, break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and President Richard Nixon’s attempted cover-up of … Continued

Sara Weaver-Wescott

Sara Weaver-Wescott, BJ ’84 and BA ’84, is a problem solver. As the national sales manager for KPIX-TV, the CBS owned and operated television station in San Francisco, she helps media buyers and planners for some of the country’s largest advertising agencies rearrange the many pieces of multi-million-dollar television advertising buys until they fall perfectly … Continued

Pat Patton

Growing up in the rural and friendly community of Albany in northwest Missouri, Pat Patton, MA ’71, learned the value of small-town kindness at a young age. The town was a tight-knit agricultural community with few strangers and many friendly faces. Patton and his family never had to worry about locking their doors or forgetting … Continued

Skye Dent

Phillis Barbara Dent anxiously awaited her turn to jump. She was more than two miles above ground level and soon would feel 115 mph winds rushing past her ears, against her face and working against gravity to extend her free fall. Three, two, one – jump! After a 60-second free fall, Dent pulled the cord on … Continued

Wayne Freedman

On a hot day in August 1977, Wayne Freedman flew halfway across the country to fight for his spot in the Missouri School of Journalism’s graduate program. Freedman, whose book is now a staple in broadcast journalism programs throughout the country, had already been denied twice because his undergraduate grades were not up to the … Continued