Barbara Galán

Barbara Galán graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. After working in the advertising department at Macy’s in downtown Kansas City, she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she held several positions in advertising sales and writing. Galan married in 1984 and spent several years in Rota, on the southern … Continued

Carl Kenney, BJ ’86

Carl Kenney, BJ ’86, is a columnist with the News & Observer-The Durham News in North Carolina. He recently published his second novel, “Backslide,” which is the sequel to “Preacha’ Man.” Kenney is a fellow in pastoral leadership of the Princeton Theological Seminary and a graduate of Duke University with a master’s degree in divinity.

Ted Farnen

Best professional lesson learned at the J-School? How to write on deadline. Putting the important stuff first and filling it out as you go along (the inverted pyramid!) really helps when you have limited time to complete an assignment. What would be your best advice to current students? Be intellectually curious. Try to read a … Continued

Eston B. Ellis

When most 18-month old children were beginning to talk, young Eston Ellis was also reading letters on signs aloud to anyone who would listen, an extraordinary accomplishment for a toddler. Perhaps it didn’t hurt that his parents’ favorite pastime was reading. As a kindergartener, his precociousness went unnoticed by school officials. In fact, the school … Continued

Jay Dade

What do you do? I am currently a shareholder in the law firm of Polsinelli P.C. in the firm’s Springfield, Mo. office. I’ve focused my practice on management-side labor and employment relations law. As such, I counsel clients on a broad array of day-to-day personnel management and union-management issues. I also provide management training programs in the areas … Continued

Scott H. Cytron

What do you do? Cytron and Company is known for helping companies and organizations improve their bottom line through strategic public relations, communications, marketing programs and top-notch client service. An accredited consultant, Scott works with companies, organizations and individuals in professional services (medical, legal, accounting, engineering), high-tech and B2B/B2C product/service sales. Pierpont Communications is a … Continued

Shirley Staples Carter

What do you do? I am a professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, teaching public relations management to undergraduate and graduate students, advising honor student projects, and conducting research on women and leadership and multicultural images in advertising. Previously, I served a five-year term as the founding director of the School from … Continued

Douglas Bugger

What do you do? Deputy Press Secretary for Congressman John Shimkus (R, Illinois-19). How did you get your job? Applied to join Congressman’s staff following 5-plus years in newspapers and 8-plus years in education. What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School? You are not going to make everyone happy. What advice … Continued

Thomas Blood

What do you do? I’m the creative director of Summit Marketing, a full-service marketing and communications firm with offices in St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C. We create a wide variety of marketing communications for consumer, business-to-business and government-related accounts. How did you get your job? Previously, I was the creative director … Continued