Bill Tammeus

By Kelsey Hoffmann For a man who always had a knack for words, Bill Tammeus, BJ ’67, could only utter one after finishing the letter: “Wow.” The letter came from a mother in central Illinois whose son had recently died from leukemia. It explained that a column she had read in The Kansas City Star … Continued

Diane O’Byrne

Preparation for a Career in Broadcast Journalism “You’ll work so hard at broadcast and you’ll be good, but you would be great in sales!” Not exactly the words broadcast news student Diane Campbell (O’Byrne) wanted to hear from her Missouri School of Journalism adviser and much-respected professor Dave Dugan. Little did O’Byrne know that Dugan … Continued

Larry E. Moore

Describe your TV station and what makes it interesting. Our station is a major ABC affiliate and most of the news that flows out of the Mid-West to the network comes through our facilities and personnel. For news, we consistently rank as the highest rated news viewership in the entire nation for ABC stations. Our … Continued

Lillian Kuras

What do you do? I work at United Way 2-1-1 on the database. How did you get your job? I started on the overnight shift at United Way 2-1-1 as an information and referral specialist making social service referrals. What is the best professional lesson learned at the J-School? That great research is what backs … Continued

Jan Hoth Fogarty

What do you do? My career has been pretty exciting since graduating now (gasp) eight years ago?! I worked at VML from 2003-2006, then did a stint in pharmaceutical sales for a year until I was recruited to work for Handmark, a mobile media company based in Kansas City, by an old boss of mine … Continued

Mike DeArmond

What do you do? On Feb. 11, 2012, I covered my last athletic event for The Kansas City Star after 41 years with that newspaper either as a correspondent or a full-time reporter/editor. After filing my story on Missouri’s basketball victory in Columbia, Missouri, over Baylor, I officially retired, having covered high schools for one … Continued

Jon Cook

Jon Cook, BJ ’93, named CEO and President of VML, Inc., a global digital marketing agency.