Jabet Morgan Wade

What do you do? Since 2006 I have been managing my family’s business, Pontiac Cove Marina, on Bull Shoals Lake in southwest Missouri. I also write a monthly column as well as other features for my hometown weekly community newspaper, the Ozark County Times. What type of column do you write for the newspaper? I … Continued

Richard Telthorst

Describe your place of employment and what do you do? Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association is a trade association that represents the telecommunications industry. We address telecommunication issues with the state legislature and the state regulatory commission. We also organize educational conferences for our members and participate in trade shows. In my line of work, I … Continued

Rebecca Taylor

What do you do? I am the associate creative director at Kochan & Company Advertising Agency. How did you get your job? Through networking. It’s a very powerful tool! And having a strong portfolio is essential. What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School? You can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Experience, … Continued

Sandi Orent Strother

What do you do? I am the executive director for the Veterinary Cancer Society, an international association comprised of veterinary oncologists, technicians, students, residents and interns. My responsibilities include planning, organizing and preparing for any association conferences around the world as well as managing our international membership. How did you get your job? I worked … Continued

Judy Anderson Stiles

What do you do? As general manager, I am responsible for coordinating and overseeing operations of the television station. My responsibilities range from managerial ones to working closely with programming, production and representing the station in the community. I also host produce and host a weekly news/interview television program, which I have been doing for … Continued

Lauren Pohl Russ

Describe your company and what makes it interesting. There is never a dull moment. There are a lot of advantages to working at an agency. You get to work on a wide variety of projects and accounts, gaining exposure to work you could never get working for one company. We also get to do the … Continued

Beth Pike

What do you do? I freelance as a producer/writer for television news and entertainment programs, working regularly for NBC News in the Midwest. Since 1992, I’ve been a regional field director for Entertainment Tonight where I’ve had the chance to work with many of our talented J-school alumni. More recently, I’ve had the privilege of … Continued

David “Scoop” Peery

What do you do? I am retired. I do participate in conservation groups, two canoe clubs, Democratic Party activities, church activities (Unitarian Universalist) and other civic groups. How did you get your job? My last (more than) full-time job was owner, editor and publisher of the Smithville (Mo.) Lake Herald, a weekly community newspaper just … Continued

Ron Osborne

There was little in Ron Osborne’s early years to suggest that he would become a full-time playwright. His family didn’t attend theatrical performances. Like many of his classmates, he participated as a cast member in a few high school productions. Osborne majored in advertising, and his first job was as a technical writer. But it … Continued

Diane O’Byrne

Preparation for a Career in Broadcast Journalism “You’ll work so hard at broadcast and you’ll be good, but you would be great in sales!” Not exactly the words broadcast news student Diane Campbell (O’Byrne) wanted to hear from her Missouri School of Journalism adviser and much-respected professor Dave Dugan. Little did O’Byrne know that Dugan … Continued