Jody Feldman

The writing career of Jody Feldman, BJ ’78, was almost sidelined in seventh grade. When her teacher assigned her class to write about their summer vacations, Feldman made it a personal challenge to create an exciting story out of cultivating a backyard pumpkin plant. The teacher praised the essay and its creativity, but the high-achieving, … Continued

Brent Toellner

After years of working in the advertising industry at agencies like Bernstein-Rein and Barkley, Brent Toellner, BJ ’95, did not expect his life to deviate from the ad business. That detour first began when a newfound passion for dogs prompted him to begin a side career in animal advocacy. “It was never on the radar … Continued

Heather Physioc

Heather Physioc, BJ ’08, spends her days ensuring things get discovered. As a specialist in search engine optimization, or SEO, her job is to help the Web content of her clients rise to the top of an Internet search results list. It is work she finds fulfilling not only because of the results it yields … Continued

Bill Tammeus

By Kelsey Hoffmann For a man who always had a knack for words, Bill Tammeus, BJ ’67, could only utter one after finishing the letter: “Wow.” The letter came from a mother in central Illinois whose son had recently died from leukemia. It explained that a column she had read in The Kansas City Star … Continued

Jenifer Langosch

By Kara Kostal She looked around the room, and a feeling of awe came over her. Many fans around the country would give their most prized baseball cards to be in her position. At age 23, Jenifer Langosch, BJ ’07, was entering a room occupied by every living baseball hall of famer, all waiting to … Continued

James Muench

What do you do? I am an author, free-lance writer and instructor. I teach journalism at Mizzou and English at Columbia College and Lincoln University. How did you get your job? Each one is different. The writing developed over many years of experience. What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School? Professional … Continued

Carly Kaufman Scaduto

What do you do? I am a communications manager at Monsanto Company, supporting our Vegetable Seeds division. I work in Monsanto’s public affairs department at our headquarters in St. Louis, but collaborate with colleagues around the world to communicate about our vegetable seed products both internally and externally. What is the best professional lesson you … Continued

Alicia Peirce

What do you do? After graduating from Mizzou, I was offered a full-time internship with 4ORCE, a digital agency in St. Louis, where I worked in the User Experience (UX) lab, and supported the account service team with Scottrade and Purina. After working for four months, I received a full-time account executive position at GROUP360 … Continued

Jake Edinger

What do you do at your job as a creative director? My job is to get the most interesting and effective ideas produced. What do you enjoy most about your job? The constant stimulus; chasing the unknown is invigorating and rewarding. What has been your greatest professional challenge? Getting a job. My first job came … Continued

Amy Zlatic

What do you do? I currently serve as group communications manager, North America, for Ceva Animal Health, an international animal health company. How did you get your job? Networking! I posted that I was leaving my job on Facebook, and a previous colleague got me in touch with the hiring manager at my current employer. … Continued