Missouri Journalism Students Earn 30 Awards in Statewide Professional Competition

Columbia, Mo. (Oct. 12, 2007) — Taking on top professional journalists from across the state, the Columbia Missourian‘s student writers, designers and photographers claimed 30 awards in this year’s Missouri Press Association (MPA) Better Newspaper Contest.

Andrew Astleford Steve Bartel Nathan Birt Kevin Crowe Caroline Dohack
Ben Fredman Matthew Haag Rachel Higginbotham Jenifer Langosch Adam Masloski
Leslie Parker Ben Poston Jennifer Price Megan Rolland

Top row, from left: Andrew Astleford, Steve Bartel, Nathan Birt, Kevin Crowe, Caroline Dohack. Second row: Ben Fredman, Matthew Haag, Rachel Higginbotham, Jenifer Langosch, Adam Masloski. Third row: Leslie Parker, Ben Poston, Jennifer Price, Megan Rolland.

To apply for the annual awards, newspapers belonging to the MPA submit their best works for evaluation in 16 categories. Winners receive their awards at the annual MPA Convention and Trade Show in September.

“Congratulations to all the students who worked hard on these projects, and even more to our stellar team of faculty editors who directed and oversaw this fine work and without whom we never could achieve such heights,” said Reuben Stern, managing editor of the Missourian, Columbia’s morning daily, which also serves as a working laboratory for Missouri Journalism students.

Topping the list of the Missourian’s awards was a first place in the general excellence category. Other highlights included a clean sweep (first place through honorable mention) of the best business story awards and a near sweep (first, second and third) of the best rural life/agriculture category. In all, the Missourian received 11 first-place honors, recognizing the paper’s achievements in such areas as investigative reporting, features, photography, design and editorial cartooning.

More than 250 students work at the Missourian each semester, receiving one-on-one training from about 15 professional editors.

“This is not a classroom experience,” Stern said. “This is the real deal, where our reporters and photographers cover real community news, guided every step of the way by highly qualified professional editors. It’s an amazing experience for young reporters to have this kind of coaching, and it’s one of the things our alumni say they remember years after graduation.”

Columbia Missourian Awards

MPA Better Newspaper Contest 2007

  • 1st, General Excellence, Class 2
  • 1st, Best Feature Story: Nate Birt, Class 2
  • 1st, Best News or Feature Series: Shauna Bittle
  • 1st, Best News Content, Class 1
  • 1st, Best Sports News Story, Class 1
  • 1st, Best Sports Feature Story: Andrew Astleford, Class 1
  • 1st, Best Rural Life/Agriculture Story: Gavin Off, Class 1
  • 1st, Best Business Story: Layla Bellows, Caroline Dohack and Rachel Higginbotham, Class 1
  • 1st, Best Story About Education: Sarah Reedy
  • 1st, Best Story About History: Hugh Welsh, Class 1
  • 1st, Best Online Newspaper
  • 2nd, Best Newspaper Design, Class 1
  • 2nd, Best Feature Story: Ben Fredman, Class 2
  • 2nd, Best Rural Life/Agriculture Story: Leslie Parker, Class 1
  • 2nd, Best Special Section, Class 2
  • 2nd, Best Business Story: Brett Wessler, Class 1
  • 2nd, Best Story About Religion: Laura Johnston and LaRue Diehl
  • 3rd, Best Feature Photograph: Steve Bartel, Class 2
  • 3rd, Best Photo Package: Adam Masloski, Class 1
  • 3rd, Best Sports Feature Story: Jenna Stumpf, Class 1
  • 3rd, Best Rural Life/Agriculture Story: Kevin Crowe, Class 1
  • 3rd, Best Investigative Reporting: Jennifer Price, Class 1
  • 3rd, Best Business Story: Matt Jarzemsky, Class 1
  • 3rd, Best Editorial Cartoon, David Friesen
  • Honorable Mention, Best Editorial Page, Class 1
  • Honorable Mention, Best Sports Page, Class 1
  • Honorable Mention, Best Sports Feature Story: Jenifer Langosch, Class 1
  • Honorable Mention, Best Investigative Reporting: Benjamin Poston, Class 1
  • Honorable Mention, Best Investigative Reporting: Megan Rolland and Matthew Haag, Class 1
  • Honorable Mention, Best Business Story: Lynsy Smithson-Stanley and Sara Stolz, Class 1

Updated: April 21, 2020

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