Patrick Fallon NPPA’s New Student Board Representative

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Patrick T. Fallon
Patrick T. Fallon Photo by Joel Kowsky

Durham, N.C. (April 5, 2010) — Patrick T. Fallon is the new student board representative for the National Press Photographers Association.

A junior at the Missouri School of Journalism, he will be responsible for communicating the needs of the student photojournalism community to NPPA’s board of directors.

Fallon, who recently worked for ZUMA Press at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, is very excited about the appointment.

“While I have gained much through my years at the University of Missouri, I have worked to try and learn from different experiences in photojournalism, attending different workshops and seminars including those hosted by NPPA, Western Kentucky University, Brooks Institute, Ohio University, and Missouri,” Fallon said.

“With each experience, I took away not only new perspectives on my work, but a growing network of friends and student colleagues that I am able to interact with for advice and support, an ongoing discussion about what we as students see as the new age of visual journalism and how we plan to shape that new age.”

Fallon will report to NPPA’s board bi-annually at their business meetings, which are held during the summer and winter.

Updated: May 7, 2020

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